Alternative Cancer Treatment Center

Get Well Center offers intensive and comprehensive alternative cancer treatments. Each plan is customized to your needs. Average treatment sessions will be 4-6 hours per day, Monday through Friday at the clinic. The patient will also be on an oral program during the week.

The following therapies will be orchestrated according to each individual patient’s condition and circumstances:

  1. Insulin potentiation therapy weekly
  2. High dose Vitamin C (non-corn base) IV therapy daily
  3. Oxygen therapy every other day: hyperbaric and H2O2 IV followed by UV light therapy
  4. Lymphatic Therapy Light Beam Generator with Ozone every other day
  5. Mild Silver Protein 1200 IV every other day for viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections
  6. Detoxification: ion cleanse, liver cleanse, colon cleanse, infrared sauna, coffee enema, chelation
    (oral and IV)
  7. Hyperthermia: far infrared sauna with ozone
  8. Exercise: free gym access
  9. Nutrition: organic cancer diet PO and nutrition IV

The patient’s condition will be monitored daily.

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